Monday, February 22, 2010

Recognizing Moments of Beauty, Hope & Joy

Welcome Snack-Girl (Lisa & Matt), and Rick Grant! I'm so glad you're along for the ride!
I'm not sure how Rick found me, but Snack-Girl comes by way of Twitter. If you're interested in healthy snacking/eating & sharing healthy snack recipes, check out Snack-Girl.
And DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT miss "Cheeseburger Watch," it's enlightening AND hilarious! Sign up at Snack-Girl to have 30 healthy snacks under 100 calories e-mailed to you. I signed up, and received the list nearly instantaneously. I'm looking forward to trying them!
I have to add, Twitter is a great little community. I am followed by & follow back 139 Tweeters - it's fun! & it's teaching me 2 b concise!

As I sit here basking in the glory of late-winter sunshine streaming through my windows, I can't help but be excited by the prospect of the coming spring!
Logically, I know more ice and snow are just beyond today's sunny horizon. Nature will be waving her still-icy wand over NEPA tomorrow. Yesterday, the temperature topped-off at a toasty 43! This morning, it was down in the frigid teens.
The poinsettia on my desk is dropping its red leaves daily, and sprouting tiny green ones.
The more than week-old Valentine's roses have gracefully, effortlessly evolved from demure, delicate spindles of pedals to fully open, voluptuous blossoms. The roses are still-fragrant, but are curling under at the edges, beautifully surrendering to time.
The shamrock I cut back for the winter has suddenly thrown itself into hyper-mode - urgently bursting with tiny, spring-green trefoils, like little children dressed in new spring clothes, calling out: "Look at us! Look at us!"
The shamrock's whimsically miniature, bright yellow blossoms can't be far behind!
The delightfully fuzzy, still-clenched-against-the-bitter-cold buds of the magnolia tree on our lawn have grown larger, incubating during the few warm, sunny days.
I've learned over time and by experience to hold on to these moments of beauty, hope & joy as they pass (thanks, Counting Crows!). I've learned to be calm and quiet so I recognize and become nourished and strengthened by the wonders that nature and everyday life offer.
So I'll take this time before the snow comes once more (I hope it will be only once more!) to gratefully drink-in and be fortified by the signs and hope of spring.
Have a wonderful day! Be well. Be happy. Be safe. Take time to hold on to and recognize your moments as they pass!


  1. Nice post, Lizzie.

    I found you when I tweeted something that caught the eye of NEPAbuzz, which followed me, which sent me to its site, where I found you. Loving the blog.


  2. Thank you, Rick. I appreciate the communication/comment!