Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Back!

Well, after a two-year gap, here I am, back at the NEPAFollies. I'm still here in NEPA, and Follies of various sorts still abound. My old friend Tom Dobbler has been after me to start writing again, so this is for you and me, TD! I hope that some of the folks who just found me by chance or self-promotion are still out there, I honestly can't recall if I can reach any followers who hung on. My blog on facebook has been "time lined," and I can't find where fb put the actual written entries.
Honestly, I was hoping to garner some sort of professional attention (other than my shrink!) when I was writing the blog two years ago. Gain advertisers, make some money, something; but it didn't work out that way, so I had to devote my energy to a new plan. I honestly do love writing and researching and informing and helping people become enlightened, including me!
But after my lucrative turns at two wonderful, award-winning newspapers, I had to figure out how I was going to support myself for the rest of my life. Here in NEPA, salaries/wages are nowhere near what they were in Florida and New York. Truthfully, I was making more per hour working in a quick mart than I was when I was hired by a local paper, with the plan of me eventually becoming the editor.
As long-time readers may recall, my little family and I were forced to move out of our home and business by a state mandated road project. We landed a few miles up the road, in a lovely rental cottage near the northern banks of Lake Wallenpaupack. We rented from a seemingly nice, normal, honest couple who promised that we'd be able to live there in their sweet little cottage for at least "four to five years."
Their eldest of three had gone to college for the first time, and with two in high school and headed in the same direction, they needed extra cash. They had contemplated selling the cottage, but then saw my advertisement in a local publication seeking a year-round, long-term rental, and contacted me.
 I thought my prayers had been answered! Maybe those prayers were being answered, but it turned out, the answer would be in a very round-about, long, drawn-out way.
The following life period, from the time we began renting the cottage, up to now, has been filled with angst, change, soul-searching, reconciliation, forgiveness, joy, sorrow, letting-go, and of course, with me being me, more drama!
There has also been journeying onward and upward and toward greater prosperity, so stay tuned. I'm writing now because I simply enjoy it! I'm recovering from a miserable summer respiratory infection, so I'm about to jump in the shower and wake myself up. Then I'm going to listen to a good friend who is "appearing" on an internet radio show tonight at 8 p.m. on the Rock-n-Roll Ranch.
The folks who run the Ranch are a nice couple, they play some kick-ass rock, and the fellow has played with many of the famous of the classic rock scene. You can find it by Googling, I suppose. It's based in the Poconos of PA.
So, more about me and my latest adventures/lessons soon, maybe tomorrow. I hope you're glad I'm back here pecking away. I am!
Next up: Lizzie puts on her thinking cap (I've had it since kindergarten, so it's well-worn, but it still kicks in when it's important to!).
And of course, if any one has a current event they'd like clarified/researched, I'll entertain those requests, too. Take a look at my older blogs if you want to get a better idea of who I am.

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